These 7 developments in technology will influence industries.

Like no other driving force, innovations are transforming the daily world of work. Consequently , it is necessary for businesses to track recent trends closely. Innovative technologies, in particular, uncovers tremendous optimization capacity in terms of increasing performance. Furthermore, a continual modification to one’s own business models is needed for the continuously increasing client needs. That means businesses have to push their own company digitization through the implementation of disruptive technology. Find out will technical developments in the coming year will be especially important.

  1. Cyber-security requires artificial intelligence

Continuous development of the Internet era means rising numbers of businesses are using AI algorithms to achieve productivity benefits. Cyber defense still plays an increasingly important role, though, such that here too, the use of AI has clear added benefit. AI offers big opportunities particularly in the cybersecurity sense. Although the manual detection of a danger and the manual answer and intervention are always too late, anomalies can be easily detected by algorithms. AI algorithms can also undertake rapid countermeasures to secure IT structures and records. Accordingly, the emphasis should be on improving Its protection in the coming year.

  1. Hyper automation – the interaction of automation technologies
The progress in automation is super automation. This subject area is, however, often concerned with the automation of tasks and procedures. Nevertheless, in hyper-automation, various technologies such as AI , machine learning and automation techniques are used to enable widespread automation of a procedure.
Via RPA, robot-assisted process automation is the basis for hyper-automation. However, the hyper-automation does not conform to the single application of RPA. Instead, in order to automatically chart especially complicated systems, many methods and techniques have to be used at the same time.
  1. The Internet of Things is conquering everyday life

2019 saw the auction of 5 G levels. Not only does the network of the future guarantee higher transfer efficiency, but it also serves as an Internet of Things ( IoT) accelerator. The number of devices available which are already connected to the Internet and which offer a torrent of data to businesses is massive. The improved network versatility would propel machine-to – machine connectivity qualitatively and quantitatively to a whole new level in tandem with the introduction of artificial intelligence. Experts at the world’s leading consulting and advisory firm Gartner intend to link more than 20 billion people worldwide to the IoT in the coming year.

Not least because of the plethora of new use cases-keyword smart car, smart house, autonomous vehicles-the future of IoT is compelling and is increasingly transforming from a technological project to a strategic necessity. The IoT for industrial uses alone is no longer reserved. The vast volume of IoT network data makes for improved mapping, analysis, estimation, management and regulation of a wide spectrum of networks across a wide range of industries. It would be Artificial Intelligence ‘s job to plan the vast amounts of data for practical and successful use.

  1. Intelligent language assistants are conquering new areas of application
With Siri, in the daily lives of end users, Apple has developed voice assistants. But now the market is highly competitive, and voice assistants have become the norm. Correspondingly important are the technological advancements in this field. While just a few years ago the smart assistants were very small, they now have the ability for use in the business world.
The voice assistants will also be used by businesses to develop their own offerings. Software voices are now a part of the customer service of a organization today. However, in the future, this voice assistant will ensure that clients are easily routed and that initial general concerns are dealt with in advance. The use of AI also expands linguistic skills and enables complex questions to be answered.
  1. Robotic Process Automation is becoming intelligent

For some time , the focus of German firms has been on Robotic Process Automation ( RPA). The technology, however, has so far been restricted largely to routine and systematic procedures. However, this status quo is influenced primarily by the AI. Intelligent algorithms with Cognitive Process Automation or Intelligent Process Automation facilitate the processing of unstructured data and, thus, the automation of entirely new, more complex processes. Robots can make increasingly intelligent decisions and thereby alleviate individuals by extending RPA to include artificial intelligence ( AI) functions such as optical character recognition ( OCR), natural language processing ( NLP) or deep learning.

  1. Block-chain technology – more than just cryptocurrencies

Some even associate block-chain technology with Bitcoin. There is even more room for the block chain as the core technologies of the famous cryptocurrency. The block-chain, after all, is a decentralized and distributed register which stores blocks of processed business transactions. In a chain and transmitted to the network, all checked blocks are ordered. Consequently, a block chain is generated-the block-chain.

The technology is currently gaining popularity and more and more companies are testing its use in pilot projects. Initial projects show that the block-chain offers real added value in the area of ​​supply chain management. Above all, the traceability and the fair conditions for business partners are added value. But other areas, such as the finance and insurance sector, the energy sector or the mobility sector can also benefit from the potential of the technology in the coming year.

The currently best-known application scenario besides the Bitcoin currency are smart contracts (German: intelligent contracts). Smart contracts contain if-then rules. When a condition specified in the contract is met, specified activities to realize the will of the contract are carried out automatically. At the same time, all contractual partners are informed of status changes in real time. With a correctly programmed smart contract, there is no room for interpretation for the terms of the contract and they are safe from hackers thanks to cryptographic encryption methods.

  1. Big data – data is still the gold of the 21st century

Data will continue to play a central role in the business environment in the coming year. Due to the already partially completed digital transformation and the Internet of Things, the volume of data produced daily is growing at a breath-taking pace. As the amount of data grows, the value of the data automatically increases exponentially. Because the data is in turn the basis for a multitude of modern and digital services that secure valuable competitive advantages for companies. Companies must take this development into account. Responsible collection of customer data and handling of the data in the same way are essential.

However, for enterprises, it is largely about the results that arise from the collected data. Analyses of big data play a crucial role here. Companies must say goodbye to emotional judgments that are always gut-feeling and depend on the findings of sophisticated data processing and data validation methods. It is only in this manner that problems and possibilities can be defined and appropriate solutions created. This growth needs to be met by all industries. One of the cornerstones of digital innovation remains technical data analysis and assessment.


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