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Have you ever noticed that trying to calm down before a high-stakes event often just produces more agitation? That trying to change troublesome habits can seem difficult or impossible? Or that real fulfillment and well-being can be elusive, despite living a successful life? I'm available to sell the course for $75 for a short period only if you really want to purchase it. to receive a download link contact me through email only. - gemetayeh@gmail.com It includes 29 Lectures and originally it costs Instant Video - $234.95 DVD - $269.95
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  2. Artificial Intelligence
AI can help in different ways, including better collection and analysis of crash data, enhancing road infrastructure, increasing the efficiency of post-crash response, and inspiring innovation in the regulatory frameworks. This approach requires equitable access to data and the ethical use of algorithms, which many countries currently lack, leaving them unable to identify road safety solutions.
  1. AI Research
"If you think of the brain as an extremely complex machine, how could we understand it without first breaking it down and knowing the parts?" asked cellular neuroscientist Helen Bateup, a University of California, Berkeley, associate professor of molecular and cell biology and co-author of the flagship paper that synthesizes the results of the other papers. "The first page of any manual of how the brain works should read: Here are all the cellular components, this is how many of them there are, here is where they are located and who they connect to."
  1. Predictive Analytics
When urban development takes place, a traffic impact assessment is often needed before a project is approved: What will happen to auto traffic if a new apartment building or business complex is constructed, or if a road is widened? On the other hand, new developments affect foot traffic as well — and yet few places study the effects of urban change on pedestrians.
  1. Artificial Intelligence
This week, The European Parliament, the body responsible for adopting European Union (EU) legislation, passed a non-binding resolution calling for a ban on law enforcement use of facial recognition technology in public places. The resolution, which also proposes a moratorium on the deployment of predictive policing software, would restrict the use of remote biometric identification unless it’s to fight “serious” crime, such as kidnapping and terrorism.
  1. AI Robotics
Endless block and stair training gets you somewhere. Send in the robot army. A virtual army of 4,000 doglike robots was used to train an algorithm capable of enhancing the legwork of real-world robots, according to an initial report from Wired. And new tricks learned in the simulation could soon see execution in a neighborhood near you.
  1. Artificial Intelligence
There are 40.3 million victims of human trafficking globally, according to the International Labor Organization. Marinus Analytics, a startup based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, hopes to make a dent in that number. The company’s mission is to “serve those working on the frontlines of public safety by developing technology for them to disrupt human trafficking, child abuse, and cyber fraud.” For its achievements, Marinus won $500,000 as part of its third-place ranking in the 2021 IBM Watson AI XPRIZE competition. The startup is the brainchild of three co-founders: Cara Jones, Emily Kennedy, and Artur Dubrawski, who launched it out of the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University in 2014.
  1. Artificial Intelligence
According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the majority of CO2 emission reductions through 2030 will come from technologies on the market today. Achieving net-zero by 2050 is nothing short of a momentous endeavor, and the energy sector is playing a key role in reaching it. Technology is critical in achieving carbon neutrality, and to no surprise, startups have a unique role to play.

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